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July 29, 2017



Out of sight, out of mind.

The electricity to charge electric cars typically means the burning of coal, so how is this preferably to the modern clean-burning petrol-engined car? Then there's the huge environmental impact of battery production and disposal to consider. But the politicos don't see that.

As for diesel, sure, that's not clean-burning and so should go.

Ralf Buengener

A few comments:
Water vapor: Gas-fueled cars exhaust water as combustion product as well, so this cannot be an argument. Besides, the amounts produced by cars are small compared to the ambient vapor.
Range is becoming less of an issue with increased range of the cars themselves as well as fast-charging stations being installed in regular intervals on highways. Tesla has shown that it is possible.

No technological breakthrough is necessary to make this happen, just application of existing technology. A push from legislators is very welcome to overcome lobby interests and start the work in time to renew the infrastructure and slow down global warming.

John Dunn

The water vapor in gas fueled cars is a part of the exhaust, but water vapor is said to be the entirety of the exhaust with hydrogen fuel. The environmental impact of that has not been studied so far as I'm aware and is therefore very much a point of "argument".

As to "fast charging", that capability, improving as it is, still has a long way to go with new breakthroughs required to catch up with gasoline refueling. I can be in and out of the local Exxon station a lot faster than a Tesla can be fully recharged. There are good intentions, yes, but specious technological forecasting at best.

Roy Plant

There is an undeniable long history of innovation from Britain, and this is just what post-Brexit Britain needs. With government funded or assisted research and similar funding models for start up manufacturing, Britain is set to be world leader in alternative fueled vehicles. Sure there will be no end of problems to overcome, but a target of 23 years is a good motivator, so instead of looking for obstacles, good engineers see only opportunities.

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