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September 14, 2010


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Dick LaRosa

I found it hard to imagine that I had $100 mil to invest. My cowardly thinking prevailed. I noticed most attendees acted like engineers and analyzed the merits of the electric car scheme and avoided a statement about investing. Some were willing to invest in increments while looking at progress. A venture capitalist wants a return so he would not be really long term either. Dave Rost's comments are worth looking at and merit serious answers before saying we might invest. Do we worry about failure with our money or somebody else's?

Hard to imagine that I had George Washington's leadership skills - or guts. I've always lived a sheltered life. Would I break free and venture out on my own if provoked enough? Don't like to think about it. Retreat to safer and more comfortable questions.

People from NYU/Poly had been thinking and working on developing entrepreneur skills and attitudes. I thought their ideas were well organized.

Len Anderson seems to have the entrepreneur type of thinking and the talent to back it up. Jerry Brown also.

Jerry Brown

There was one important difference between the U.S. and Israel that didn't get discussed. Israel has universal health care system that works. That makes a big difference for potential entrepreneurs.

There were several points in my career where I might have attempted a private venture; but I had a history of heart disease and could not get private insurance on any terms.

I'm not an advocate for a government-based single payer system and I'm skeptical about the economic viability of the plan that was put in place this year. But, I do believe that the system we've had has chained potential entrepreneurs to corporations.

Carl Schwab


I appreciate your effort in preparing the presentation and also this blog that has given me a chance to digest a little. All my engineering life I have been a "techie" and even have turned an offer to be CEO-----------it just wasn't me. From experience way more than 9 out of 10 new start fail.

But again thanks. I enjoyed.
Carl Schwab

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