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December 09, 2010


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Aliou Waiga

This is amazing sir, I've worked with similar circuits and prototypes in labs, a while back when I was in school, and they work pretty much the same way. Thank you for sharing this.


I have an EICO brand R/C/Comp bridge and capacitor tester that has a similar function for reforming capacitors. So the concept has been around for a very long time.
But I pose a question, which is that while this arrangement can restore the voltage rating, that is, it can prevent failure by excess leakage, is it really able to restore the capacitance value? That is very important in a whole lot of instances. Also, what does it do about reducing internal resistance, (ESR), that property that would prevent a capacitor from having any useful function. These parameters are at least as critical as leakage and breakdown voltage.

Cor van de Water

Elco's might be brought back alive to voltage spec this way, but the capacity loss that happens over time is permanent and unrecoverable as far as I know.
This article reminds me that I need to fire up my 1958 Philips TV again to avoid its Elcos will fail over time.
But the hum it produces from lost capacity becomes louder with the years...


I remember my elementary and high school seeing this simple diagram. :)

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