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December 23, 2010


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This is very interesting. Thank you.
Do you have any information on the efficiency of such pumps? How large are the power losses, in comparison with conventional mechanisms for similar heat transfer rates?

Brad Peeters

Just curious, but does this phenomena require DC or will the molecules flip back and forth fast enough for it to work with AC too? I'm thinking oil-submerged 60Hz power transformers...

John D.

Hi, Brad.

I've only looked at this effect for DC. However, having the molecules pivot around in a few mSec doesn't sound all that far fetched.

Maybe a Google search would yield some applicable literature.

Remi Demers

Thanks to share this interesting phenomenon. Does anybody have information about how the energy conservation law can applies to it? I mean, considering the oil viscosity, some energy is lost, and then, some current should be drawn from the voltage source... But how this current can move through the isolating oil and how it perform its work? (Considering the amount of polarized molecule remain constant...)

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