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April 12, 2011


Jim Anderson

Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letter_frequency discusses this topic and points out that the frequencies vary with the language, the author, and the topic. For example articles on Queens (Q), X-rays (X) and Zebras (Z) would have distorted frequency distributions.


I hated probability and statistics in school.
But this is interesting.
Isn't there something like making a
control set to remove the over weight of certain letters.
Like one fullheaded man in a room full of
bald ones?

William Ketel

I guess that I had never thought about finding the average power dissipation in a 5x7 display, although we did do an evaluation of the display errors produced by single-segment failures in a lamp-type seven segment display. That was prior to the availability of reliable LED devices. The result was some rather elaborate display driving circuits that verified that each segment was drawing enough current. Then along came LEDs and saved the day, since a redundant display was simple to implement, and much cheaper than having seven monitor circuits.

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