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May 14, 2011


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Jim Anderson

Hi John,

I know exactly what you are writing about. I am an engineer and not an English major. It is a rarity to pick up a magazine or newspaper where the spelling and grammar errors don't jump out at me. Emails are the worst. Many people either don't turn on the spelling check feature or they don't bother to look at the message before they send it. I often wonder how they can keep their jobs if they write that way at work. Texting is making things even worse. Of course I realize that it is difficult to worry about spelling when you are trying to text and drive your car at the same time.

Elizabeth Danziger

As a writing trainer and consultant, I see many examples of egregious writing. Especially with so many people using email, writing is even more a crucial job skill now than in the past. If people want to receive free monthly writing tips, they can sign up for Writamins at www.worktalk.com.

William Ketel

I agree that there are a whole lot of people who do not come across as well educated because they write in an illiterate manner. Some portion of the blame can be dumped on the schools that they attended, since it seems that the schools found that it was more important to teach other things. I have found that my writing skills have been of great value to my employers, since I have written a large number of technical proposals and successful sales letters. Clear writing is quite a valuable skill, but it demands clear thinking to produce clear writing, and it appears that a great many folks are totally fogbound. Spell-check and even grammar checking utilities can help, but they are not enough to bring about good writing.

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