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June 04, 2011


Chuck Blevins

Wow, there is a blast from the past. I designed an S-100 disk emulator with 256KB of DRAM in the early 80's. It certainly sped up compilation compared to an 8 inch floppy disk. I don't remember the TRS-80 having an S-100 bus. I developed my product on an Altair S-100 computer. I still have that machine in my man cave. I always thought that the onboard 5V regulator for each board was ahead of its time (Point of load) The TRS-80 did one important thing. It brought the computer to the masses.

John Dunn

Hi, Chuck.

You are right. The TRS-80 did not use the S-100 bus. That came from Altair.

It's just that I was looking for used TRS-80s when I overheard that memorable discussion.

All the best!


Rudy Schneider

I agree with Chuck --- that was definitely a blast from the past! My first computer was an S-100-based, linear power-supplied behemoth. Somehow, I managed to NOT break my back hefting it into and out of the trunk of my car to-and-from work each day (even I can't remember why!). I used it for some word processing and wrote an assembler to support some of of my early 8085 developments. Ahhhh, memories...

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