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July 21, 2011


John Dunn

A bit more about warning signs.

Those "Danger High Voltage" signs were just that of course and written in English which unfortunately, a number of janitorial staff couldn't read!

Workers would come in and move the safety barriers around in order to sweep up and never know how close they were to that 50000 volts. Posting multi-lingual signs such as "Peligro Alto Voltaje" in Spanish for example, might have been useful, but then not everyone knew Spanish either.

Therefore, supervisors were alerted and required to instruct their staff to be aware of what the warning signs meant, even if they couldn't be read.

Nobody was ever harmed, thank goodness.

Mary  Winch

There was another incident of an unusual number of patients dying in one hospital room on certain nights of the week. A houskeeper who didn't read English unplugged oxygen equipment and other life support systems on his/her night shift job to plug in the vacuum.

Jon Point

Oh yes. The lab had "Danger High Voltage', 'Danger 33,000V', 'Danger - High Voltage Testing', 'No unauthorised entry' and a few of those signs that show someone dancing with sparks etc. All of this was on the doors to the lab. One day, whilst testing a prototype for breakdown (which is fun because you always get a bang...), a salesman with a client walked straight through the door as device breakdown occurred (read; a huge bang and flash, followed by smoke). I was ready for it, the others weren't, which led them to cower on the floor behind the test set. Suitably deafened and blinded, they then staggered away!

So what use were the signs? None. They had to ban these folks from the building entirely using swipe cards...

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