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October 06, 2011



Having been in the industry for years the first thing to check are the electrolytic caps in the power supply. This is the most common failure due to wear(heat) and replacing them has brought many PCs (desktop) and flat panels back to life. Cap failure increases ripple voltage and current and creates a downward spiral.Have done it many times and suggested it with success.
Suggestion only.


I concur with Paul. Graphics cards in particular seem to be succeptable to this failure mode, which will result in the bluescreen error referring to a (commonly) nVidia or ATI driver error. I've extended the life of several video cards over the years by replacing caps.


Warranty repair is always the best action. Glad that PC fit that situation.


Since there seems to be some people experienced in repairing PCs here, I'd like to ask a somewhat related question. Does anyone know of an alternative source for a replacement LCD panels (cracked, not repairable) other than HP? I really don't like their price.

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