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December 10, 2011


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Dr. Walter H. Delashmit


Speaking and using English is very important. I regularly review papers for technical journals and some of the papers are so poorly written in regard to using English as to be almost non reviewable. In almost all cases from outside the normal English speaking countries, the papers have to be reworked and resubmitted. Based on review comments they usually find someone whose native language is English to help them revise the papers.

Is this PC? Probably not, but the technical papers are submitted to a journal that publishes only in English.

Walter H. Delashmit, Ph.D., PE

John Dunn

I have alrady received messages via LinkedIn accusing me of bias and I am not surprised. I am appalled, but not surprised.

What I had to say about English language skills is not chauvinistic. Clearly, if you work in France, then you need fluent French, if in Germany, then fluent German, if in Japan, then fluent Japanese and so forth.

Communication skills are of paramount importance, no matter what language you happen to be using in any particular milieu.

Those who would refute that are in my view, in unrealistic denial.

Joel Koltner

Neck tie? Does anyone really wear a tie to engineering interviews anymore? Maybe if you're applying at some big company or a stodgy military contractor? :-)

D Ruggles

Joel, keep up your belief about the necktie. I want the job you are applying for. I will be at the interview wearing a suit and tie, especially if it is an office position.

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