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December 13, 2011


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Dr. Walter H. Delashmit

Good situation John.

Walter H. Delashmit, Ph.D., PE


How would you handle such a question like why you get fired or terminated by your previous employer? If you tell the true that your ex is technically incompletent and you don't follow his(her) direction not to tell the whole truth. I think you may have problem of landing the job either.

John Dunn

"Why did you get fired?" would seem like a leading and hostile question. I would wonder about the potential employer's motives for phrasing a question that way.

Asking "Why did you leave your last place of employment?" or perhaps "Why were you laid off from your last place of employment?" would be more appropriate at least in my own mind.

The answer you give to such a question should be based on something rational. For example, several times I got laid off (fired) when the company for which I was working got into financial trouble. I also got laid off from a company when my boss became medically incapacitated and had to cancel the plans for which he'd hired me.

One company laid me off when they lost a military contract and then (Wouldn't you know it.) they called me back when they got a different one.

Of course, you would never want to say something derogatory about a former employer.

Larry Rachman

Very slightly off topic, but worth telling. As an interviewer, I once asked the question "Why are you planning to leave your present employer?"

The response was "Well, after the second FBI raid, I felt it would be better for my career to work elsewhere."

I couldn't fault that logic.

Great series of articles, John; despite everything you say seeming obvious, much of it is ignored far too often.

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