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December 03, 2011


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As a college student I worked installing tires and batteries. I learned the negative terminal of a battery is the anode, which I found very confusing. That's because the name doesn't come from the polarity in a circuit. It comes from the internal operation. It is called the anode because negatively charged anions flow toward it. In a conducting diode this will make the anode more positive than the cathode. In a battery the anode will be more negative than the cathode.


As a non-electrical engineer, arguements like this drive me crazy. It's as if they're deliberatly constructed to confuse the uninitiated. It would be much more helpful to discuss the practical applications of the diode, as in how to wire it into an actual circuit, than to argue about which way we should state the current is flowing.


The right side is the positive end. I not sure why the band would come into consideration. The schematic is the overiding factor.

George Storm

I didn't know the Mogen diode was due to Pease. I had assumed it to be a Mossad int(er)vention, designed to remove light (but not heat) from political discussions. Happy Christmas

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