March 20, 2012


John Dunn

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John Dunn

For the Yul Brynner song, please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDFgcoP9tW0&feature=related

Stoney McMurray

One of the saddest comments I ever heard about management was said of a Chief Engineer of a very large department in a very large engineering firm (for which I worked), after he became President or Chairman of the firm. It was, in toto, "He used to be a great engineer."
That was not said of some other top leaders of the company; but when we kept getting bought and sold and stripped of more assets in between, managers like the one referenced here drank the KoolAid of the corporate vultures who bought and sold us.

Nick Name

"Ego" problems are those of uncertain persons which according to Peter's principle reach positions over their competence level.
I had myself such a problem: as a department chief designer I put on paper a new concept and gave to one of the engineers to go further into making the assembly and details drawings for a prototype. When the prototype was ready he went to the Vice President Engineering and claimed that the design was his. I explained that to be a lie but was asked for a proof which of course I had not anymore since the original concept drawing was in claimer's hands. I was badly treated and I was very upset by the injustice. The prototype was a failure due to the designer's lack of knowledge. My sketch did not have all indications and he did not have my computations which I wanted to have for the final control and technical specification. About one year later due to other problems the engineer left and the very last day brought me my drawing which he had kept some where hidden. I brought it to the vice president which did not even apologize for his behavior. About 1 year later I left the company although the top management insisted very much to have me stay and even suggested higher position and wages. I could not accept the mentality of this manager with whom I would still have to work together.
As for case mentioned there is a french word which says that there no blinder than the one who does not want to see. I think a combination of both "ego+ will to not see" was the problem of the 1st mentioned "boss". The second had only a problem of ego and a limited horizon. Little man in high position who does not have other means to manifest his power.

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