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May 03, 2012


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Mark Mitchell

This is unforgivably the case with most infrastructure. It is taken for granted unless it fails. When money is tight, why pay money for what you have already?

Better policy is to keep at least one inspection crew on staff. They can then close the bridge when it becomes dangerous. Enough closures and then money will come but without loss of life.

How does maintenance apply to major industry? A lot of money spent when the industry was already lost?

Tom McPeak

One minor comment to the last assertion of this post, the I35 bridge collapsed while it was being worked on by maintenance crews. The issue was the design of the bridge was not sufficient to hold up both the traffic and the extra weight of the maintenance equipment and materials.
However, I do agree that we need to invest in our infrastructure if we wish to keep having one.

John Dunn

Yes, the crew was working when undersized gusset plates let go. I would have thought though that the plates would have shown deterioration prior to failure, deterioration that should have been detected in routine inspections which, if memory serves, did not get made.

John Dunn

A related item from Product Design and Development. Please see:


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