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October 13, 2012


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John Haughton. MIEEE

Convert them to LENR, Ni_H fusion technology instead. Units running at 1200 dec C now and in the process of certification & licensing. See Peswiki.com, ECAT.COM, defkalion-energy.com, amongst many others. We do not need Fracing, poisoned water supplies and exploding showers that go with them. LENR looks like it is set to be one of the biggest game changers on the planet and hopefully an end to the age old question of how to get the US's oil out from under somebody else's sand, without upsetting the locals.
High temp, Hot-Cat, results - work is ongoing, but looks promising :- http://pesn.com/2012/10/15/9602206_Penon_High-Temperature_E-Cat_Test-Results_Posted/


I hope that natural gas prices stay low, if it will benefit the economy in this way. However several people are of the opinion that the cost of natural gas is bound to go up in the next decade. What will happen then? Other options, in addition to natural gas, must be found. They must be safe and environmentally sustainable.

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