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October 25, 2012


george storm

It may also be that some of the groups that block your postings are subgroups of other groups (or similar). If so, members will see the postings in the parent group and won't want them repeated. You may consider the moderators to be a bit brusque in not informing you of the background, but you should remember that that (unsung and unpaid) moderators find it takes much more effort to prevent groups becoming submerged than they could ever have anticipated (I know this from bitter-sweet experience).

Michael Dunn

Somnambulism? I would've banned you too... Sorry.

John Dunn

Michael, you really should find that article and read it. If you've never seen or experienced an incident of somnambulism, then you have no idea of the sometimes tragic impact the event can cause.

Ed Norton raiding Ralph Kramden's refrigerator is a typical trivialization. It's very funny because Jackie Gleason and Art Carney were gifted performers, but the comedy masks some truly sobering issues.

george storm

@JohnD: Nota bene
We should not expect technical LinkedIn threads to substitute for general awareness of life, otherwise relevant stuff would be buried under everything from hip replacements through Parkinson's to comparative religion.
I operate a dual measure: is the post of (at least) similar interest to members of the moderated group as it is to other related groups that members might join; and is it of significantly greater interest to members of the group than it should be to the generality of professional people. If it does not satisfy both tests it should be deleted.
On the other hand, I'm more lenient than some, as I only ban people when a significant majority of their postings are irrelevant.

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