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October 25, 2012


EM Spectrum Engineering Group

All I would ask is that the discussion topic be directly linked to the Group subject. I would probably never ban you (unless you started blatant spamming); I would just delete posts that I didn't feel belonged. And I can see how some group owners would get tired of the multitude of posts from one person... :-)

Mary Winch

Hi John,

I love your articles...you are a great story teller but I don't know why you were banned from the Electronic Component Counterfeit Prevention network by Linkedin. I removed the Sonnambulism article after a member complained it was off-topic but I didn't ban your postings.

Whenever I want a break from the monotony or a laugh I read one of your articles, in fact I shared some of the mathematics experiences with the Grey Nums of the Sacred Heart at Blessed Sacrament grammer school in Jackson Heights, NY...I guess their profession made them sticklers for the rules (formulas). Of course this was before calculators and proving the answers was not an option at the time.


John Dunn

Hi, Mary.

What is and is not suitable for any specific group can be a troublesome decision to make.

Where a topic is highly specific to a particular technology, I make posting decisions that are quite limited.

For example, spurious resonances in quartz crystals was very much a topic for the "RF and Microwave Community", but was not suitable at all for " IEEE - CPMT" (Packaging) because the moderators of both of these groups have fairly narrowly defined interest areas. I see nothing wrong with that decision on their parts.

However, more broadly addressed technical groups such as "Engineering Design Professionals" or "Sherlock Ohms Investigators" would get everything from "MOSFET Thermal Runaway" to "The S-100 Bus" to "How To Kill An ARC-210". I think that any technical topic in any discipline is fresh meat for those groups.

Non-technical topics are another matter.

Some of my non-technical postings were in deadly earnest. "The Drug" was about a personal medical experience that might have led to drug addiction except that I was aware of what I was facing. That one was very difficult to write.

Others are merely mildly advisory as in "Avoiding Burn-out", intentionally entertaining as in "Solfeggio" with its reference to Ernie Kovacs, anecdotally significant such as "The Teaching Experience" or just a small diversion such as "Ghoti" about George Bernard Shaw.

All of the non-technical posts share something in common, however. I would consider them to be appropriate for posting on every group of which I am a member unless I have discovered that a particular moderator would object and once having made that discovery, I refrain.

In any case, Mary, thank you for your kind words and your action regarding that group.

All the best.




I'm not going to attempt to analyze why you may have been banned from certain Groups.

Here is my understanding of why these Groups were formed "to allow a forum for individuals that share a common area to have an open discussion about topics within that area".

Perhaps posting entire articles that interest you falls outside of that relam. Another approach would've been to say "I found an article on this topic, does anyone within this Group have an opinion or have experience with this?"

Although I must say if you were banned from HVDC for "posting a question about wires' physical movements under the influence of an applied high voltage of 20 kVDC" - then I think the Moderator owes you an explination.

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