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October 09, 2012


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John Dunn

We should also note that the guy at the lower left is not wearing any hat at all, perhaps a symbol of his lesser status.


If you remove the parenthetical reference to J.P. Morgan which was inserted simply as an example of one of the "personalities" from the comment, it reads, '"Money and Power: The History of Business" includes profiles of personalities whose products and ideas shaped trade, banking, commerce and industry over the last 1000 years. To imply that the original writer meant that J.P. Morgan had influence over the last 1000 years, one must parse the sentence incorrectly-either unintentionally or on purpose so as to make a smart aleck posting!

John Dunn

The grammatical construction of the caption is not good. I remember the double-take moment when I first saw this. Unless J.P Morgan was way older than he looked, the absurdity was self evident.

That notion of life extension to extreme age brings to mind the concept of "spice" in the sci-fi novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert, but I doubt if the whites of J.P.'s eyes had been turned blue.

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