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December 01, 2012


John Dunn

Just to mention, that was an INSULATED long nose pliers! I plan to live long enough to someday see my grandchildren.

Howard Edelman

Sometimes lamp fixtures do not allow for the propper dissipation of the heat produced by their bulbs. The result is higher than expected design temperatures and faster deterioration of the materials. Some lamps specify the largest bulbs recommended for this reason.

Douglas Butler

This is a common enough occurrence that places that sell janitorial supplies carry metal wedge shaped pieces that fit to a broom handle for unscrewing broken bulbs and stuck bases.
www.mcmaster.com item# 1701K18

Tim Masson

Here in the UK most lamp bulbs have bayonet connections, but failure of the cement that glues the cap to the base is still an occasional problem. Turn power off at the consumer unit/fuze box /incoming feed as well as the wall switch.
Find a small potato and cut it in half, push this into the damaged base and turn. Discard potato and base. Check lampholder for samage and replace it - if it is mishapen, cracked or burnt. Intall the new lamp and restore power!

This also works where the bulb has broken!

I hope somebody can do something with the logs! The bark looks like it was a pine tree - not the best for burning!

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