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December 09, 2012


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koen weijand

if the supply was still 1890 original 2 phase 55V balanced around zero, there was no shock condition caused by the capacitive division. so the problem was created by upgrading to 120V uniphase. that's where the student's grandfathers should have become active.
The 55V was chosen at the time as the best voltage to run carbon arc lamps.

bandit Gangwere

Like the song goes "Gotta kill the boy to keep his a$$ in line". Sometimes the threat of liability actually works - a tool to be used wisely. Unfortunately, too many people, scared of liability lawyers, sprinkle the "magick fairy dust" around instead of using common sense. I am thinking of all of the warnings and such to prevent idiots from doing something stupid to keeping kids from learning to accept and deal with the occasional minor injuries one expects from proper tool use (safety scissors are now required some places thru high school).

John, I would say you applied the right force to the right lever. Bully for you!

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