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April 26, 2013


Jerry Brown

Did you ever find out who was talking. I ask because it could have been an hallucination.
I experienced something similar to this after my last bypass in 1997. As I lay in ICU, I heard my wife tearfully pleading with my surgeon to save my life. The surgeon explained over and over again that there was nothing they could do; I was going to die. As in your case, they were just out of sight. But, I could hear them very clearly and the discussion went on for some time.
When I later asked my wife about the incident, she denied it. I was so sure that I heard it, though, that I initially assumed that she was just trying to keep me calm.
This experience was followed by several others of a similar nature. For example, after I was moved to a telemetry unit, I was certain that I heard discussions down the hall about my imminent death.
Eventually, after persistent questioning of nurses and family members, I realized that I must be having auditory hallucinations. I then asked to see my doctor and he explained that my condition had a name. It's called ICU psychosis. Strangely, the hallucinations continued even after I knew about them. The problem completely disappeared once I was released - I think.
This is the only time in my life that I experienced anything like this. The realism of the hallucinations was so complete that I cannot, to this day, be sure which of my memories of that time are real and which are not.

John Dunn

Hi, Jerry.

This was not a hallucination. Judy heard this woman talking too, but didn't think that I could hear her as well. One disturbing aspect of this was that this lady's husband must have been in another hospital bed, perhaps in the room next door, and maybe HE could have heard her too.

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