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May 18, 2015


Clint Brown

Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint its right there John. Might want to try Gimp and Gimp.org though much better!

John Dunn

I've heard of Gimp, but I haven't looked into it yet. Microsoft replaced Paintbrush with Paint way back when, but I say that they made two big mistakes when they did that.

The first is that Paintbrush operates in a "Draw Transparent" mode while Paint goes by default to a "Draw Opaque" mode which I find highly objectionable. In the version of Paint that came with Vista, one can opt to turn off "Draw Opaque" mode, but it has to be done over and over and over again as I use the program and that becomes really burdensome. In the newer version of Paint that came with Windows 7, I cannot even find how to get rid of the "Draw Opaque" mode. That is even worse!

The second is that with Paintbrush, I can move the cursor one pixel at a time using the arrow keys, an advantage that is absolutely priceless. With Paint, the cursor can only be moved using the mouse and that is awkward and clumsy in the extreme.

Someone suggested to me that there is a more modern version of Paintbrush available, but so far, I haven't yet been able to find that, so it's still the same question.

How can I deal with the compatibility issue?


You could just run a windows 3 virtual machine...


My understanding is in order to have compatibility mode work in Windows 7 it has to be at least Windows 7 Professional version. That's what I have and I routinely use programs written for Windows XP and it works fine. I'm only speaking about the 32 bit version. I also understand they don't have such a mode in Windows 8 or 8.1 which makes me reluctant to upgrade, since I assume it'll break all my old programs. Oh, what Redmond considers to be "compatible" I'll never understand...

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