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August 27, 2015


John Dunn

Part of the dialog that this situation has engendered is this:

LinkedIn Response (08/28/2015 08:54 CST)
Hi John,

I tried to replicate the issue and I also get the same error. I wish I had an immediate resolution for you., but this particular issue will need to be escalated to our internal research team.

I understand this may be frustrating but as soon as I get an update, I'll let you know.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Many thanks,

Customer Experience Advocate

So, is anyone ready to make book on how long this issue will persist??



Take a deep breath. I have seen many of your posts. You post the same thing to many groups and are often off-topic. They also come across as self-promotional. While you do have some interesting tales to tell I generally perceive of your posts as annoying or even spam. This is especially true when I move from group to group and keep seeing the same post over and over again.

It might help if you started one topic in a group and put all of your posts in that one topic rather than loading groups with multiple posts. It would also help if you were more selective in making sure that your posts are really relevant to the group in which you are posting.

John Dunn

Actually, Bob, I find your remarks quite offensive on more than one level.

I and others in LICN have sought to put out helpful information. Occasionally, someone comes along who takes a derisive attitude to that effort such as the fellow who objected to a write-up I did of stagger tuning of IF strips because he felt IF transformers were obsolete. I pointed out to him that there are many millions of those things out there and that if he were to encounter any, the knowledge that he would choose to spurn would be important.

There have been other cases like that as well.

Another matter is that many groups with similar titles and focus have significantly large non-overlapping readerships as with the LinkedIn groups "Analog & Mixed Signal Society", "Analog Circuit Design" and "Analog Mixed Signal" for example. There are other groups of groups with similarly overlapping interests and non-overlapping readerships. I would not hesitate to post analog related materials to all three of them for just that reason yet it seems that you would call that putting out "multiple posts" or spamming. I consider your attitude in that regard to be quite inappropriate.

Relevance is very much a consideration when I put material on line. Thus, I do not post power supply essays to "Electromagnetics and Spectrum Engineering Group". As regards the general consideration of relevance, I follow my own judgment, not yours, when making such choices. If someone objects, I take note, I consider the nature of the objection but I follow my own guidance. I do not accept directives.

More about the "Pending Submissions" problem later. That one has developed into quite a story in its own right.



I offered my perceptions as feedback to you. Rather than acknowledging my perceptions and sincerely asking yourself "Why would he think that?" and "How can I understand his point of view?" in order to gain understanding and insight, you tell me how much you are offended and go on the defense by going on the offense.

So be it. I have offered my perceptions thinking they might be useful to you to understand the push back your are getting. Consider or discard my comments as you will, but I am done here.

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