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June 30, 2017


John Dunn

My daughter-in-law, Sarah, has suggested that although Dracula could not be seen in mirrors during his own time, it was because mirrors were made reflective using silver backings. Since silver is a noble metal as in The Lone Ranger's silver bullets, Dracula had to suffer.

However, modern mirrors are today backed with other materials such as aluminum which being of baser nature, would allow Dracula's reflection to be made visible.

By the same token then, cell phones which are largely based on base materials should present Dracula with no problems of usage.

Tony Stewart

Your blood may have nothing to do with this, the cutaneous moisture content does. Try a moist finger next time to increase the dielectric constant up to 80x that of extremely dry skin. or any suitable moisturizer.

Although who knows you may have had your thumb on the edge. Although sometimes I think TCM Dr's of Acupunture know how to cure some things that even hematologists are dumbfounded to admit. I found this true from personal experience.

John Dunn

I did discover than wetting a finger tip improved the odds of getting a touch screen icon to respond, but it's still an iffy business for me. Also, my wife has a friend whose husband has the same problem as I do. Those things just don't work well for everyone.

A thought though. If Dracula might have had problems, what about The Mummy as in the Boris Karloff movie?

Also, I nicked myself on one hand the other day and put on a band-aid. Guess what happened when I tried to make the touch screen respond to the bandaged finger.

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