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May 05, 2021


Name Moderated

1) & 2) It takes around 70 years to know the full effect of medications.
3) & 4) We can afford to allow about 30% refusal based on personal beliefs or skepticism.

mRNA is a brand new approach to vaccines. The long term effects are unknown.

By the way, I got both shots. But I still believe that people should have a choice.

John Dunn

The name of the above commentator has been moderated in light of the following.

"It takes around 70 years to know ....." is a good example of sophistry. Many people do not survive to that age. My own father died at age 67 for example. Effectiveness of medications does not take such long time periods to establish that people are likely to expire first. Vaccinations against smallpox, polio, diphtheria and so on were proven effective in much shorter time frames.

What percentage of refusals in the general population can be abided has not, to my notice, been stated by medical personnel.

"Personal beliefs or skepticism" are rationalized by the numbered presentations listed above. Although "choice" is a word that seems to justify itself, when someone makes a choice that does harm to others, a choice to light a cigarette within the confines of a heavily occupied building elevator for example, that choice is neither proper, appropriate or justifiable. Choice has its limits.

A choice to not be vaccinated is a choice to threaten other human lives.

Nico Cheker

So a commentator's name is moderated just because he thinks differently? I thought there was something called "freedom of speech". This person is not inciting to not get the vaccine or anything. Just giving his/her point of view.

John Dunn

"Freedom of speech" is another self justifying expression as well. The classic example is someone falsely yelling "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater. Freedom of speech too has its limits.

My main concern was that the 'seventy years' statement was going to be an embarrassment to its author because vaccination history and present day epidemiological authorities refute that time frame. I had hoped to spare the author from having that happen while at the same time presenting the statement itself. However, if that author were to ask for name restoration, that information has not been lost.

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